Speeduino NO2C

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Transform your engine in a performance monster with this programmable ECU!

The perfect choice for any engine up to 8 cilinders with injection system:

✅ Petrol


  • Injection control: allows to adjust the quantity of fuel and optimize the eficiency.
  • Ignition control: allows to adjust the ignition advance to obtain better performace.
  • Temperature control: correct the fuel map depending on water/intake temperature, also control eletric fan to avoid engine overheating.
  • Supercharge valves: variable cam timing though valve control (VTC/VVTI)
  • O2 sensor: allows to monitor the lambda sensor to improve the fuel delivery.
  • Software: It uses the TunerStudio which is free, easy to use and allows to adjust everything in real time!
If you're an enthusiast and search for total control over the engine, this programmable ecu is the right choice for you!

    The KIT does not include, but can be purchased separately: